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Libraries With Holdings in reQuest
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Main catalog stats current as of: May 25, 2015      Serials catalog stats current as of: January 22, 2015
Rqst4idLibrary NameCityNumber of Holdings
In Main Catalog
Number of Holdings
In Serials Catalog
ABTN Abington Social Library Pomfret 60 
ACOR Acorn Press Ridgefield 23 
ACTN Acton Public Library Old Saybrook 68,245 123 
AIKN Aiken Elementary School Library West Hartford 15,971 15 
AMAG Albertus Magnus College Library New Haven 199,543 286 
ALDR Aldrich Free Public Library Moosup 16,358 47 
AMER American School For The Deaf Library West Hartford 22,610 
ANDV Andover Public Library  19,354 46 
ANNE Annie E. Vinton School Mansfield 9,867 
ANSN Ansonia Public Library  73,009 240 
STTH Archbishop O'Brien Library at St. Thomas Seminary Bloomfield 22,532 172 
ASCT Asnuntuck Community College Library Enfield 28,315 136 
ASPN Aspinock Historical Society Putnam 
NBR Atwater Library North Branford 40,510 145 
AVON Avon Free Public Library  99,306 298 
BBL Babcock Library Ashford 26,654 121 
BAKV Bakerville Library New Hartford 13,696 
BRNS Barnes Museum Southington 61 
BEAC Beacon Falls Public Library  18,083 
BRDL Beardsley & Memorial Library Winsted 41,780 150 
BML Bentley Memorial Library Bolton 48,282 151 
KPCK Berlin - Peck Memorial Library  90,774 255 
BET Bethel Public Library  127,170 
BETH Bethlehem Public Library  16,045 
BL Bill Library Ledyard 45,754 118 
BILL Bill Memorial Library Groton 18,731 44 
BTNE Bolton Center School Library  14,702 
BTNH Bolton High School  10,108 149 
BDIM Booth & Dimock Memorial Library Coventry 50,118 92 
CWK Bracken Memorial Library Woodstock 17,491 120 
BRAE Braeburn Elementary School West Hartford 11,236 18 
HADD Brainerd Memorial Library Haddam 47,558 
BPTH Bridgeport Hospital (Reeves Memorial Library)  431 
BPBR Bridgeport Public Library (Black Rock Branch)  42,922 
BPBM Bridgeport Public Library (Bookmobile)  3,052 
BPT Bridgeport Public Library (Main) Bridgeport 302,557 2,637 
BPNF Bridgeport Public Library (Newfield Branch)  25,642 
BPNO Bridgeport Public Library (North Branch)  93,329 
BPO Bridgeport Public Library (Old Mill Green Branch)  41,227 
BMHS Brien McMahon High School Library Norwalk 104 
BSTH Bristol Hospital - Health Sciences Library Bristol 109 
BPL Bristol Public Library (Main)  135,533 355 
BPLM Bristol Public Library (Manross Branch) Forestville 50,869 
BRIM Bristow Middle School Library West Hartford 10,762 
BROK Brookfield High School Library  25,983 
BRFL Brookfield Historical Society  28 
BRK Brookfield Library  59,871 211 
BKLN Brooklyn Historical Society  
BRKL Brooklyn Public Library  25,636 50 
BRKS  Brooks Community Newspaper Westport 
BUGB Bugbee Elementary School West Hartford 13,720 13 
BUNN Bunnell High School Library Stratford 126 
BDP Burlington Desktop Publishing Unionville 
BURL Burlington Public Library  51,960 52 
BURN Burnham Public Library Bridgewater 31,303 
CHB C.H. Booth Library Newtown 123,074 171 
CBYS Canterbury Elementary School  126 
CBY Canterbury Public Library  30,061 
CANT Canterbury School (David Casey Copley Library) New Milford 12,855 
CPL Canton Public Library  68,331 166 
CWCT Capital Community College (Arthur C. Banks Library) Hartford 44,497 460 
ORG Case Memorial Library Orange 100,258 226 
ELLC Center School Ellington 12,778 
CTBB Central Connecticut State University (Burritt Library) New Britain 504,285 6,289 
CENS Central School Library Media Center Simsbury 13,376 
CHMS Chalk Hill Middle School Monroe 2,158 
CHAM Champion International Library Stamford 120 
WRSS Chaplin Public Library  16,155 35 
CHAR Charter Oak Elementary School Library West Hartford 11,214 14 
STMA Chase Collegiate School Waterbury 21,061 49 
CHER Cheshire Herald  
CSH Cheshire Public Library  114,211 333 
CHST Chester Public Library  19,764 57 
CRH Choate Rosemary Hall (A. Mellon Library) Wallingford 353 
CPC  Chronicle Printing Company Willimantic 
CIG Cigna Library Hartford 151 
CFBG Citizens for a Better Granby Granby 
CLRK Clark Memorial Library Bethany 40,475 
COLE Colebrook Historical Society  14 
COLY Coleytown Middle School Library Westport 20,992 
COLM Columbia Historical Society  
CNRD Conard High School Library West Hartford 23,662 99 
CBI Congregation Beth Israel West Hartford 13,738 
CAES Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station New Haven 9,259 
CTCL Connecticut Clearinghouse Library Plainville 5,826 
CCOL Connecticut College Library New London 4,915 
CTHS Connecticut Historical Society Library Hartford 27,424 782 
CSGE Connecticut Society Of Genealogists Library Glastonbury 198 
CZLG Connecticut State Library (Government Docs.) Hartford 448,148 
CZL Connecticut State Library (Main) Hartford 698,434 8,658 
CZLM Connecticut State Library (Middletown Library Service Center) Middletown 43,557 
CZLA Connecticut State Library (State Archives) Hartford 27 
CZLW Connecticut State Library (Willimantic Library Service Center) Willimantic 64,653 
CVH Connecticut Valley Hospital Middletown 610 
RHCB Cora J. Belden Library Rocky Hill 50,982 161 
CORN Cornwall Free Library  29,826 
CORW Cornwall Historical Society  
WIPD Council for West Indian Planning & Dev. Hartford 
COVR Coventry High School Library  94 
CRGN Cragin Memorial Library Colchester 47,265 12 
BELD Cromwell Belden Public Library  68,741 133 
CROH Cromwell High School  11,471 
CROM Cromwell Middle School Library Media Center  9,784 
CRSB Crosby High School Library Waterbury 13,266 
CRYS Crystal Lake School Ellington 11,630 
DBYH Danbury High School Library  133 
DBY Danbury Public Library  83,957 308 
DSFM Danbury Scott-Fanton Museum And Historical Society  128 
DHNH Daniel Hand High School Library Madison 13,555 93 
DARH Darien High School Library  25,891 54 
DAHS Darien Historical Society  
DARI Darien Library  122,410 390 
DAVH David M. Hunt Library Falls Village 22,525 96 
DEEP Deep River Public Library  28,151 76 
DBYN Derby Neck Library  63,771 94 
DRBY Derby Public Library  75,334 268 
3TCT Donald R. Welter Library, Three Rivers Community College Norwich 40,290 
DORO Dorothy Goodwin School Mansfield 9,723 
DUGC Douglas Library North Canaan 20,841 54 
DUGH Douglas Library Hebron 46,434 70 
HBMS Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School Canterbury 7,198 
DUFF Duffy Elementary School Library West Hartford 15,342 24 
DUR Durham Public Library  62,340 
EGPL East Glastonbury Public Library Glastonbury 
EGBY East Granby Public Library East Granby 41,580 
EHFPL East Haddam Free Public Library Moodus 15,438 
EHP East Hampton Public Library  76,562 82 
EHPL East Hartford Public Library (Main)  111,601 500 
EHPW East Hartford Public Library (Wickham Branch)  9,191 
ELH East Lyme High School Library  29,772 164 
ELY East Lyme Public Library  117,987 
ERMS East Ridge Middle School Library Ridgefield 
ECSU Eastern Connecticut State University Willimantic 328,649 3,127 
EFEL Eastford Elementary School  8,786 
EFRD Eastford Public Library  16,741 
ESTN Easton Public Library  62,100 132 
MON Edith Wheeler Memorial Library Monroe 91,096 130 
NTH Edward Smith Library North Branford 38,386 103 
EOSS Edwin O. Smith High School Library Media Center Storrs 15,163 69 
ELLH Ellington High School Library  11,376 104 
ELLM Ellington Middle School  10,800 
ELWS Ellington Windermere School  12,965 
ENFH Enfield High School Library  186 
ENHS Enfield Historical Society  
ENFL Enfield Public Library (Main)  104,916 221 
PEAR Enfield Public Library (Pearl Street Branch)  11,968 
ESSX Essex Library Association  41,700 92 
FRH Fairfield Historical Society Library  161 
FRP Fairfield Public Library  191,922 630 
FRW Fairfield Public Library (Fairfield Woods Branch)  81,229 257 
FAU Fairfield University Library  335,921 2,189 
FRHS Fairfield Warde High School Library  23,883 177 
FVHS Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society  
FRMB Farmington Public Library (Barney Branch)  20 
FRML Farmington Public Library (Main)  147,887 206 
FHES Fawn Hollow Elementary School Monroe 15,940 
FEMF Ferguson Library (Harry Bennett Branch) Stamford 106,644 
FEMM Ferguson Library (Main) Stamford 289,546 731 
FEMS Ferguson Library (South End Branch) Stamford 21,171 
FEMJ Ferguson Library (Weed Branch) Stamford 36,473 
FTCH Fitch Senior High School Library Groton 161 
FLET Fletcher Memorial Library Hampton 13,976 28 
BCHL Forman School Litchfield 5,378 
MRNH Francis T. Maloney High School Library Meriden 123 
CHMM Frank L. McGuire Maritime Research Library New London 2,140 
FRWS Fraser-Woods School Newtown 4,875 
FON Fuss & O'Neill, Inc. Library Manchester 48 
GLCA  G.L.C. Advertising Orange 
GF Gales Ferry Public Library Ledyard 29,836 52 
GLCT Gateway Community College Library New Haven 210,456 358 
GDAT General Datacomm Ind.,Inc. Middlebury 132 
GILB Gilbert Library Inc. Northfield 40 
GBTS Gilbert School Library Winsted 23,220 
GML Godfrey Memorial Library Middletown 404,109 
GOOD Goodwin College Library East Hartford 9,517 
GOSH Goshen Public Library Goshen 30,435 55 
COSS Granby Public Library (Cossitt Branch)  50,502 56 
GRAN Granby Public Library (Main)  238 
GRN Granby Public Library (Main)  11,426 525 
GRNH Greenwich High School Library  191 
GRH Greenwich Hospital  437 
GRWH Greenwich Library  377,098 
GROL Grolier Inc. Library Bethel 118 
GRTB Groton Board Of Education Media Services Center Mystic 206 
GTN Groton Public Library  140,150 173 
GUI Guilford Free Public Library Guilford 101,184 272 
GHS Guilford High School Library  22,289 216 
GSMI Guilford Smith Memorial Library South Windham 10,546 42 
GUNN Gunn Memorial Library, Inc. Washington 48,046 106 
GUNS Gunnery School (Tisch Family Library) Washington 15,568 116 
ELVT H.H. Ellis Technical High School Library Danielson 64 
HK Haddam-Killingworth High School Library Higganum 170 
EHV Hagaman Memorial Library East Haven 63,233 160 
HHL Hall High School Library Media Center West Hartford 39,586 113 
HALL Hall Memorial Library Ellington 66,796 77 
HMEM Hall Memorial School Library Willington 14,044 
HHS Hamden Historical Society  
HCO Hamden Public Library - Brundage Community Branch  14,451 
HMI Hamden Public Library - Miller Library (Main)  130,544 306 
HWH Hamden Public Library - Whitneyville Branch  17,062 
HAMP Hampton Gazette  
MHVR Hanover Elementary School Meriden 
NLHR Harbor School Library New London 8,860 
HBSC Harriet Beecher Stowe Center Library Hartford 3,854 
BLUH Hartford - Blue Hills Civic Association  
COUR Hartford Courant  12 
HIGC Hartford Financial Services Group (Corporate Library) Hartford 
HART Hartford News  
HHHP Hartford Public Lib (Hartford History & Historical Coll)  1,811 
HPL Hartford Public Library (Main)  159,103 2,058 
HSEM Hartford Seminary Library  69,207 706 
HTLD Hartland Public Library  4,145 
HARW Harwinton Public Library  38,936 46 
HCH Henry Carter Hull Library Clinton 76,157 106 
HJMS Henry James Memorial School Library Simsbury 11,763 
HWHM Henry Whitfield State History Museum Guilford 10 
HERS  Hersam Publishing Company New Canaan 
HETT Hettinger Library (Rectory School) Pomfret 7,544 
HACS Holy Apostles College And Seminary Library Cromwell 50,004 338 
HLYX Holy Cross High School Library Waterbury 39 
NHOP Hopkins School New Haven 16,882 
NBGH Hospital of Central Connecticut New Britain 246 
HOTK Hotchkiss Library Of Sharon, Inc. Sharon 13,406 59 
HOTS Hotchkiss School (Edsel Ford Memorial Library) Lakeville 88 
HSCT Housatonic Community College Library Bridgeport 55,065 313 
HVHS Housatonic Valley Regional High School Falls Village 18,798 156 
HWL Howard Whittemore Memorial Library Naugatuck 56,626 136 
HYDE Hyde School Library Woodstock 5,852 
ICRC Indian & Colonial Resource Center Old Mystic 42 
ILIV Institute Of Living Hartford 198 
IVRY Ivoryton Library Association Essex 13,030 
BRB James Blackstone Memorial Branford 69,684 226 
JCCL Janet Carlson Calvert Library Franklin 20,249 
NLJN Jennings School Library New London 7,543 
JHMS Jockey Hollow Middle School Monroe 10,118 
REG9 Joel Barlow High School (Media Center) Redding 13,402 250 
MJBE John Barry Elementary School Meriden 41 
JFKH John F. Kennedy High School Library Waterbury 7,275 
FSTC John P. Webster Library (First Church Of Christ Congregational) West Hartford 8,757 72 
JTRM Jonathan Trumbull Library Lebanon 54,015 
INQR  Journal Inquirer Manchester 
KEHS Kent Historical Society  20 
KLA Kent Library Association  29,522 
SUF Kent Memorial Library Suffield 70,820 219 
KNTS Kent School (John Gray Park Library)  38,982 101 
BUG Killingly Public Library Danielson 81,701 150 
KHS Killingly Public School Libraries  636 140 
KILLLA Killingworth Library  31,882 
KLHT King & Low-Heywood Thomas School Stamford 25,569 
KPMS King Philip Middle School Library West Hartford 18,117 34 
LALS Latimer Lane School Library Weatogue 11,588 
LAUR Lauralton Hall - Academy of Our Lady of Mercy Milford 21,555 
BPLL Law Library At Bridgeport Courthouse Bridgeport 2,990 123 
DBLL Law Library At Danbury Courthouse Danbury 1,511 
HFLL Law Library At Hartford Courthouse Hartford 1,726 
LFLL Law Library At Litchfield Courthouse Litchfield 882 
MTLL Law Library At Middletown Courthouse Middletown 2,221 40 
NBLL Law Library At New Britain Courthouse New Britain 1,005 
NHLL Law Library At New Haven Courthouse New Haven 4,296 116 
NLLB Law Library At New London Courthouse New London 1,610 
PNLL Law Library At Putnam Courthouse Putnam 1,228 
RVLL Law Library At Rockville Courthouse Rockville 1,571 
STLL Law Library At Stamford Courthouse Stamford 2,457 62 
WTLL Law Library At Waterbury Courthouse Waterbury 1,815 62 
WMLL Law Library At Willimantic Courthouse Willimantic 447 
LBES Lebanon Elementary School  13,493 
LBMS Lebanon Middle School  13,275 
LDYH Ledyard High School (Kennedy Library)  14,334 257 
LYHS Ledyard Historical Society  
COE Levi E. Coe Library Middlefield 20,409 
MDF Levi E. Coe Library Middlefield 131 
WSPT Library Association Of Warehouse Point East Windsor 33,816 110 
NHFD Licia And Mason Beekley Community Library, Inc. New Hartford 60,492 72 
BRWD Lincoln College of New England Southington 13,953 
CTCI Lincoln Culinary Institute Learning Res. Center Hartford 675 
BIT Lincoln Technical Institute East Windsor 45 
LISB Lisbon Central School Library  19,612 
LFHS Litchfield Historical Society  5,395 42 
LOOM Loomis Chaffee School (Katharine Brush Library) Windsor 29,730 244 
NGTN Lucy Robbins Welles Library Newington 152,729 90 
LYMA Lyman Allyn Art Museum Library New London 27 
LMHS Lyman Memorial High School Lebanon 13,469 
LYM Lyme Public Library  24,396 
LYME Lyme Public Library  37 
LOL Lyme/Old Lyme High School Library Old Lyme 75 
SOMM Mabelle B. Avery Middle School Somers 73 
MNCT Manchester Community College Library  49,967 373 
MHS Manchester Historical Society  31 
MANH Manchester Memorial Hospital  
MCPM Manchester Public Library (Main)  158,263 476 
MCPW Manchester Public Library (Whiton Branch)  29,226 
MANS Mansfield Library  71,335 245 
MAMS Mansfield Middle School Library  15,325 
MTWN Mark Twain Library Association Inc. Redding 63,073 
MRVL Marvelwood School Kent 1,715 
MRFE Mary R. Fisher Elementary School North Grosvenordale 9,912 
MPQT Mashantucket Pequot Research Library  54,738 
MONS Masuk High School Library Monroe 20,528 314 
MHSL Mattatuck Historical Society Library Waterbury 85 
MAY May Memorial Library Woodstock 10,343 
MRHS Meriden Historical Society, Inc.  70 
MRD Meriden Public Library (Main)  175,159 438 
MBKM Meriden Public Library - Bookmobile  6,878 
MBGC Meriden Public Library - Boys & Girls Club  
MGI Meriden Public Library - Girls, Inc.  
MALL Michael Allen Company Library Westport 44 
MHAD Middle Haddam Public Library East Hampton 14 
MBY Middlebury Public Library  63,575 144 
MXCT Middlesex Community College Library Middletown 81,328 137 
MCHI Middlesex County Historical Society Middletown 45 
MHPR Middlesex Hospital Patient Resource Library Middletown 1,013 
MHOS Middlesex Hospital Tremaine Library Middletown 2,158 
MFHS Milford Historical Society Library  54 
MFD Milford Public Library  127,450 424 
MINR Minor Memorial Library Roxbury 41,788 
MPS Miss Porter's School Library Farmington 13,364 138 
MTCH Mitchell College Library New London 33,296 195 
MNES Monroe Elementary School  12,722 
MTVH Montville High School Library  19,207 183 
MORL Morley Elementary School Library West Hartford 11,412 
MORR Morris Public Library  16,090 
MYS Mystic & Noank Library  45,285 177 
MYHS Mystic River Historical Society  54 
MYSP Mystic Seaport Museum Inc.  931 
NAC Nac Reinsurance Corporate Library Greenwich 78 
MNHE Nathan Hale Elementary School Meriden 238 
NLNA Nathan Hale School Library New London 8,754 
NGCT Naugatuck Valley Community College Library Waterbury 43,655 675 
NBPJ New Britain Public Library (Jefferson Branch)  17,272 
NBPL New Britain Public Library (Main)  179,038 276 
NCCS New Canaan Country School  65 
NCHS New Canaan High School Library  134 
NCS New Canaan Historical Society Library  259 
NCV New Canaan Library  132,328 291 
NFLD New Fairfield Free Public Library  43,679 161 
NFHS New Fairfield Historical Society  17 
NHHS New Hartford Historical Society  
NHCS New Haven Colony Historical Society Library  171 
NHPB New Haven Free Public Library (Bookmobile)  1,029 
NHPF New Haven Free Public Library (Fair Haven Branch)  29,527 
NHP New Haven Free Public Library (Main)  259,891 1,191 
NHPM New Haven Free Public Library (Mitchell Branch)  43,199 
NHPS New Haven Free Public Library (Stetson Branch)  21,010 
NHPW New Haven Free Public Library (Wilson Branch)  37,855 
NLHS New London County Historical Society  1,315 157 
NLH New London High School Library  14,636 
NMLH New Milford High School Library  271 
NML New Milford Public Library  99,618 235 
BEE Newtown - Bee Publishing Company  
NWTH Newtown High School Library  16,940 227 
NIAN Niantic Center School Library  8,206 
NNWG Nonnewaug Regional High School Library Woodbury 52 
NORF Norfeldt Elementary School Library West Hartford 14,068 22 
NFLK Norfolk Library  37,970 91 
WNEM North End Middle School Waterbury 12,026 
NAHS North Haven Historical Society North Haven 109 
NHV North Haven Memorial Library  97,988 139 
NWDL North Woodstock Library Woodstock 8,358 
NWCT Northwestern Connecticut Community College Winsted 34,992 127 
NKCT Norwalk Community College Library  190,038 458 
NWKZ Norwalk High School Library  62 
NWKM Norwalk Historical Reference Library  16 
NWKH Norwalk Hospital (Wiggans Health Sciences Library)  302 
NWK Norwalk Public Library  169,748 356 
NWKS Norwalk Public Library (S. Norwalk Branch)  47,888 
OWOL Oliver Wolcott Library Litchfield 76,801 120 
OHS Orange Historical Society  
NWC Otis Library Norwich 75,651 249 
OXFD Oxford Public Library  32,842 
PQT Pequot Public Library Southport 110,150 793 
PEM Perrot Memorial Library Old Greenwich 33,823 137 
OLY Phoebe Griffin Noyes Old Lyme 45,918 144 
PINE Pine Point School Library Stonington 13,032 102 
PLFD Plainfield High School Library  9,425 
PFHS Plainfield Historical Society Central Village 
PHS Plainville Historical Society  50 
PLNV Plainville Public Library  89,784 126 
PMLH Plumb Memorial Library (Huntington Branch) Shelton 44,073 
PML Plumb Memorial Library (Main) Shelton 105,886 207 
POM Pomfret Public Library  19,058 51 
POMS Pomfret School (Du Pont Library)  41 
PORT Portland Library  66,342 239 
POST Post University (Traurig Library) Waterbury 11,260 215 
PRES Preston Public Library  32,296 62 
PRPT Prospect Public Library  38,932 
PSSA Prosser Public Library (Main) Bloomfield 90,243 143 
PSSB Prosser Public Library (Wintonbury Branch) Bloomfield 23,843 
NLN Public Library Of New London New London 73,665 165 
PUTH Putnam High School Library  123 
PUT Putnam Public Library  40,533 125 
QVCT Quinebaug Valley Community College Library Danielson 31,927 166 
UBL Quinnipiac University Law Library Hamden 682 
QNPC Quinnipiac University Library Hamden 1,479 
RATH Rathbun Free Memorial Library East Haddam 21,974 
RMND Raymond Library Montville 19,405 
REG7 Regional District 07 Winsted 14,459 253 
RCHD Richmond Memorial Library Marlborough 41,794 66 
RDGH Ridgefield High School Library  32,100 257 
RDG Ridgefield Library Ridgefield 88,531 259 
RIPP Rippowam Middle School Library Stamford 100 
RCKH Rockville High School Library Vernon 23,223 109 
ROCK Rockville Public Library Vernon 77,853 126 
RHHS Rocky Hill Historical Society  36 
RLMS Roger Ludlowe Middle School Fairfield 16,524 
ROWT Rowayton Library  31,186 100 
MDT Russell Library Middletown 173,765 270 
SAHS Sacred Heart High School Waterbury 4,009 
SHU Sacred Heart University Library Fairfield 107,678 723 
STJS Saint Joseph School Meriden 149 
SALM Salem Free Public Library Salem 31,840 30 
SBHS Salmon Brook Historical Society Granby 73 
SXMS Saxe Middle School Library New Canaan 55 
SAX Saxton B. Little Free Library Columbia 57,122 
SLF Saxton B. Little Free Library Columbia 96 
SCOT Scotland Public Library Scotland 18,162 
SCVL Scoville Memorial Library Salisbury 35,471 
SCTN Scranton Memorial Library Madison 107,586 310 
SEDG Sedgwick Middle School Library West Hartford 21,278 24 
SEY Seymour Public Library  78,740 152 
SHVS Shepaug Valley School Library Washington 14,028 
SHS Sherman Historical Society  
SHRM Sherman Library  26,815 
SBLB Silas Bronson Library (Bunker Hill Branch) Waterbury 13,389 
SBL Silas Bronson Library (Main) Waterbury 239,183 600 
SIMH Simsbury High School Library  18,260 
SIHS Simsbury Historical Society  67 
SIMS Simsbury Public Library  119,359 349 
SLTR Slater Library Jewett City 26,576 60 
SMIT Smith Elementary School Library West Hartford 14,084 22 
SOME Somers Elementary School Library Somersville 
SOMH Somers High School Library  5,949 
SOM Somers Public Library  61,547 100 
SKS South Kent School Library  88 
SWPL South Windsor Public Library  122,433 252 
SBY Southbury Public Library  109,457 186 
SES Southeast Elementary School Mansfield 9,209 
SCSU Southern Conn. State Univ. Library New Haven 511,583 2,077 
STHN Southington Library And Museum  100,166 388 
SPRG Sprague Public Library  12,842 
SQLS Squadron Line School Library Simsbury 17,278 
STAL St. Alphonsus College Library Suffield 
STBA St. Basil College Library Stamford 163 
SFH St. Francis Hospital Medical Center Library Hartford 453 
STLK St. Luke's School New Canaan 12,050 
STVI St.Vincent's Medical Center Bridgeport 288 
STAF Stafford Public Library  56,453 146 
STMS Stamford High School  163 
STFH Stamford Hospital  347 
STAP Staples High School Library Westport 161 
SPED State Education Resource Center Middletown 10,090 316 
STEP Stepney Elementary School Monroe 15,764 
STRL Sterling Public Library  26,626 
STON Stonington Free Library Association  37,440 
STNH Stonington High School Library Pawcatuck 132 
SGHS Stonington Historical Society  76 
HHSD  Stowe-Day Foundation Library (Hartford History) Hartford 4,512 
STHS Stratford High School Library  104 
SLA Stratford Library Association  139,703 119 
SUFA Suffield Academy  14,725 
TAFT Taft School Library Watertown 44,603 162 
TFVS Tariffville School Library  11,637 
TERY Terryville High School Library  9,400 
TRV Terryville Public Library Plymouth 63,523 183 
HOUR  The Hour Norwalk 
TPL Thomaston Public Library  45,079 182 
TOMS Thompson Middle School North Grosvenordale 7,847 
TOM Thompson Public Library Thompson 56,963 162 
TOLH Tolland High School Library  9,664 164 
TTHS Tootin' Hills School Library West Simsbury 14,094 
TOTH Torrington High School Library  22,943 195 
TGHS Torrington Historical Society  21 
TORR Torrington Library Association  56,035 96 
THS Tourtellotte Memorial High School Library North Grosvenordale 4,909 36 
TOLL Town Of Tolland Public Library Tolland 67,153 110 
TOWN  Town Times Middlefield 
HHWB Trinity College Lib. (Barnard Coll)(Htfd History) Hartford 6,812 
TYC Trinity College Library Hartford 11,123 
TYCW Trinity Women's Center Library Hartford 718 
TRHS Trumbull High School Library  219 
TRM Trumbull Library (Main) Trumbull 121,287 215 
TRF Trumbull Public Library (Fairchild Branch) Trumbull 24,179 
TNCT Tunxis Community College Library Farmington 227,045 124 
CGA U.S. Coast Guard Academy Library New London 100,763 1,074 
SUBM U.S. Naval Submarine Base (Medical Research Library) Groton 261 
SUB U.S. Naval Submarine Base Library Groton 13,220 88 
UCRB Union Carbide Corp. Danbury 106 
UPL Union Free Public Library Union 15,189 18 
URYL Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc. Middlebury 539 
UBM University of Bridgeport (Wahlstrom Library) Bridgeport 139,849 1,169 
UB3 University of Connecticut at Avery Point Library Groton 23,371 277 
UCST University of Connecticut at Stamford Library Stamford 94,814 228 
UCW University of Connecticut at Storrs Library Storrs 1,334,360 21,694 
UCTR University of Connecticut at Torrington Library Torrington 23,347 30 
UBW University of Connecticut at Waterbury Library Waterbury 39,192 116 
UB4 University of Connecticut at West Hartford Library West Hartford 122,471 681 
UCHC University of Connecticut Health Center Library Farmington 40,006 5,148 
UCL University of Connecticut Law Library West Hartford 1,032 
UHTM University of Hartford (Mortensen Library) West Hartford 301,973 4,014 
UNH University of New Haven (Peterson Library) West Haven 270,493 1,548 
STJC University of Saint Joseph Library West Hartford 65,703 39 
REG4 Valley Regional High School Library Deep River 18,221 
VHS Vernon Historical Society  35 
VFC Village For Families & Children Library Hartford 91 
VOLT Voltarc Tubes, Inc. Library Waterbury 21 
VLTN Voluntown Public Library  18,282 
WKVT W. F. Kaynor Technical High School Library Waterbury 5,016 
AUER Wadsworth Atheneum Museum Of Art Hartford 616 
WWM Wallace Middle School Waterbury 11,156 
WGHS Wallingford Historical Society  34 
WAL Wallingford Public Library (Main)  200,245 408 
WALY Wallingford Public Library (Yalesville Branch)  3,788 
WLSH Walsh Elementary School Waterbury 7,921 
REG6 Wamogo Regional High School Library Litchfield 7,496 
WARR Warren Public Library  12,432 
WAMG Waterbury Arts Magnet School  11,147 
WBYH Waterbury Hospital (Health Center Library)  269 
WATR Waterbury Observer  
WFHS Waterford High School Waterford 147 
WFRD Waterford Public Library  76,190 
WTN Watertown Library Association (Main)  62,469 141 
WTO Watertown Library Association (Oakville Branch) Oakville 10,857 
WATK Watkinson School Library Hartford 1,279 
WCSB WCSB Western Conn State Univ. (Young Library) Danbury 6,284 310 
WCSM WCSM Western Conn State Univ. (Haas Library) Danbury 202,358 3,051 
WEBS Webster Hill Elementary School Library West Hartford 18,273 22 
GLWT Welles-Turner Memorial Library Glastonbury 128,330 217 
WLU Wesleyan University Library Middletown 5,894 
CJEW West Hartford - Connecticut Jewish Ledger  
WHPB West Hartford Public Library (Bishop's Corner Branch)  34,927 
WHPF West Hartford Public Library (Faxon Branch)  35,283 
WHPL West Hartford Public Library (Main)  137,364 382 
WHPS West Hartford Public Schools (Film Library)  33 12 
WHPC West Hartford Public Schools (Professional Collection)  785 
WHO West Haven Public Library (Ora Mason Branch)  20,213 
WHB West Haven Public Library (Bookmobile)  5,925 
WHL West Haven Public Library (Louis Piantino Branch)  26,562 
WHM West Haven Public Library (Main)  59,039 299 
WSMS West Side Middle School Waterbury 5,939 
WWLA West Woodstock Library Association Woodstock 6,903 
WSBK Westbrook Public Library  51,226 156 
STWH Westhill High School Library Stamford 139 
WSHS Weston High School Library  135 
WSTN Weston Public Library  52,282 158 
WPHS Westport Historical Society  37 
WES Westport Public Library  156,013 341 
WTHI Wethersfield Historical Society  17 
WETH Wethersfield Public Library  90,889 232 
WHLS Wheeler High School Middle School North Stonington 8,399 
WHE Wheeler Library North Stonington 23,765 
WHLR Wheeler Library North Stonington 43 
WHIT Whiting Lane Elementary School Library West Hartford 20,453 20 
WLBY Wilby High School Library Waterbury 13,729 
WRVT Wilcox Technical High School Library Meriden 75 
WILS Williams School New London 5,375 
WILL Willimantic Public Library  49,482 
WIHS Willington Historical Society  17 
MEDW Willington Public Library  45,637 
WWAL Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library Branford 20,435 
WLHS Wilton High School Library  105 
WLA Wilton Library Association  128,219 170 
WEJ Windham Free Public Library  7,610 40 
WHSL Windham High School Library  166 
WHHS Windham Historical Society Willimantic 
WRHS Windsor Historical Society  69 
WDHS Windsor Locks Historical Society  
WLKS Windsor Locks Public Library  52,077 96 
WIND Windsor Public Library (Main)  121,070 
WINW Windsor Public Library (Wilson Branch)  17,423 
NLWN Winthrop School Library New London 8,554 
WOLC Wolcott Elementary School Library West Hartford 14,581 28 
WOL Wolcott Public Library  59,134 112 
WBR Woodbridge Town Library  81,385 189 
WOO Woodbury Public Library  102,304 166 
WOOD Woodhall School Bethlehem 4,109 
XHS Xavier High School Library Middletown 91 
XRXL Xerox Law Library Stamford 56 
YALA Yale University (Art and Architecture Library) New Haven 863 
YALO Yale University (Ornithology Library) New Haven 248 
YALM Yale University (Seeley G. Mudd Library) New Haven 108 
YUL Yale University (Sterling Memorial Library) New Haven 1,302 
YALL Yale University Law School Library New Haven 1,184 
YLES Yalesville Elementary School Wallingford 20,722 
Total Holdings:  23,517,772 149,204 
Total number of libraries with holdings in the Main Catalog:  429 
Total number of libraries with holdings in the Serials Catalog:  395 
Total number of libraries with holdings in either Main or Serials Catalog:  582 
Total number of libraries with holdings in both Main and Serials Catalog:  242 

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